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Je m’envole

Learn French with Music

Dave KobrenskiFrench Aug 5 2018

This summer, I visited Montreal, Canada for the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique. The trip was a great opportunity to practice my French, as well as take in some great music! One of the groups that really made an impression on me was the French-Algerian artist known as “HK” (his name is Kaddour Hadadi). The music was a great blend of reggae, blues, folk and more, with a great message — all in French of course! The festival was a great challenge for my comprehension and speaking skills. I purchased his CD on my way out of the featival, which thankfully came with an insert with all of the lyrics printed in it. So I set about learning all the words and phrases that were unknown to me…here is one of my favorite tunes from the CD, with English translation and notes. I hope this helps someone with their French learning, and introduces folks in the English-speaking world to this great artist! Learn more more about HK and purchase the CD here.

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Colocks : Toujours Plus

Learning French with Music

Dave KobrenskiFrench Aug 4 2017

Over the course of my French learning adventure, I’ve found that I progress much faster in assimilating new vocabulary and grammar when I immerse myself in, and surround myself by, content that interests me. That includes reading stuff in French that I’m passionate about anyway, watching interesting Ted Talks and other videos — and of course, listening to music. One of my favorite groups to listen to these days is Colocks — a talented reggae / roots / dub group from France. Not only do I dig the music and message, but I’m gleaning a whole lot of handy vocab in the process :) Below is their song Toujours Plus, with lyrics in French, an English translation, and some vocab notes for some of the words and phrases that were initially unfamiliar to me. Support this great group by buying their music and merch, and enjoy!

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