Posts by Month: April 2016

Belle Femme du Village

Drawing Process and Tutorial

Dave KobrenskiArtwork Apr 26 2016

At festivals in the village, which were almost always accompanied by much drumming and dancing, the women of the village were always singing and playing their karignon — a hollow tube of metal tied to their finger and stuck rhythmically with a striker. Dozens of these bells played together by many women, with their joyous singing and the exuberant sounds of the traditional djembe and dunun drums, forms quite a powerful musical ensemble. This post is a part of my “Visual Anthropology: West Africa” series, made possible by support from my awesome patrons on Patreon. Belle Femme Du Village 14x17” pencil on bristol by Dave Kobrenski from my series depicting the people and culture of Guinea, West Africa

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Book: The Art Spirit

by Robert Henri

Dave KobrenskiInspiration Apr 15 2016

“Robert Henri (1865–1929) was an American artist, teacher, and an outspoken advocate of modernism in painting. The Art Spirit represents the best of the collected words, teachings, and letters of Henri…a must read for all aspiring artists and lovers of art…”

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Toneholes and Tradition

How a 40,000 year old flute leveled the playing field

Dave KobrenskiArticles, Anthropology Apr 7 2016

Sometime between 40,000 and 45,000 years ago, a group of early humans on a migration route out of Africa, along the corridor of the Danube River valley, carried with them a small but significant object: a flute. Carved from the bone of a griffon vulture, with…

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