Posts by Month: February 2022

Kedjula Kanin

A melodic tribute and study guide

Music Feb 18 2022

The song “Kedjula Kanin” appears on Mamady Keïta’s album, Mandeng Djara, and features an exquisite arrangement and performance. Here is my own recording and study guide to the accompanying song, featuring flute, ngoni, and calabash. Includes Malinké lyrics and English translation.

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Behind the Music

Soli de Daouda Condé

Music Feb 7 2022

A breakdown of the creative process behind the rhythm and song Soli de Daouda Condé, which appears on the Afroflute EP. Includes djembé and dunun phrases, balafon, Fula flute, and more.

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Dance of the Strong Men

Music, Anthropology Feb 2 2022

The dununba is an event that belongs to a family of about thirty rhythms and dances, aptly referred to as “the dance of the strong men.” These are day-long feats of endurance by the strongest men of the village.

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