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Drawing on Culture

Rediscovering my Muse in Africa

Dave KobrenskiArtwork Aug 12 2016

In 2001 I first ventured onto the African continent as a wide-eyed white kid from New Hampshire who had, by a series of strange twists of fate, become very much involved in the music and culture of sub-Saharan Africa. Little did I know that this would only be the beginning of a larger adventure…

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An Artistic Manifesto

Why Art Patronage is Important Again

Dave KobrenskiArticles Jul 12 2016

As an artist, I strive to make exceptional work that continuously pushes the boundaries of what I could do previously. With each artwork, I aim to raise the bar higher, and build upon both the successes and failures of the last. As my skills improve, the barriers to bringing into physical reality that which I see in my mind begin to disappear. As those barriers disappear I can take my art to whole new levels. That is what excites me. Excellence and Sustainability I have begun to see that it is only through a full-time, intensive practice of my art that I will be able to understand my true purpose and potential as an artist, and ultimately to honor the gifts of artistic talent I have been given — and share the result with the world. The goal of a full-time practice, then, is a pursuit of artistic excellence. I want to produce art that inspires and informs, stimulates the mind, and tells a story. I want to show you, the viewer, something about our world that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see or know about. I have artistic vision and I believe it can add something of cultural value to our world. I am dedicated to this.

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