Summer Reading Deal!

Summer Reading Deal!

Three Book Bundle

For a limited time, get all three books by Dave Kobrenski, including Djoliba Crossing, Drawing on Culture, and Finding the Source, for one low price.

Each copy hand-signed by the author.


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Finding the Source

One Man’s Quest for Healing in West Africa

An artist’s twenty-year struggle to overcome a painful affliction takes him ever deeper into West Africa, and into realms of spirit and healing he never imagined possible.

Somewhere in Africa, the blacksmith’s widow is rumored to still be alive. And her dark magic is Dave’s last hope of ending a twenty-year curse. If only he can find her.

A touching and profound real-life adventure story that spans continents—and worlds.

“Compelling reading…a work that often has a captivating sense of immediacy.”
Kirkus Reviews

Pages: 385
Publisher: Artemisia Books
Publish Date: April 12, 2022

Drawing on Culture

An Artist’s West Africa Travelogue

In Drawing on Culture, artist and ethnomusicologist Dave Kobrenski takes readers on an artistic journey of cultural discovery into the heart of West Africa.

In Drawing on Culture, artist and ethnomusicologist Dave Kobrenski takes the reader on an artistic voyage into the heart of West Africa. More than 30 artworks, done on location while traveling through villages along the Niger River in Guinea, are compiled here alongside his own field notes and essays. Together, they provide a glimpse into the lives and culture of a people maintaining their ancient traditions, even as the modern world encroaches. Drawing on Culture is more than a travelogue: it makes an impassioned case for turning our attention to the cultural diversity of the world, and to our oldest cultures, which may be our best chance of understanding how to regain ecological balance on a planet spinning out of control with human activity.

Pages: 116
Full-color: Yes
Publisher: Artemisia Books
Publish Date: September 10, 2020

Djoliba Crossing (2nd Ed.)

Journeys into West African Music and Culture

Discover the music and culture of West Africa in this beautifully illustrated account of an artist’s adventures in the Niger River valley.

When artist and musician Dave Kobrenski first set out for Guinea, West Africa, it was simply to learn the djembé music of the Malinké people. What he found was a land of ancient traditions where spirits mingle with the living—and where extreme poverty and rampant political corruption are an explosive mixture. When bloody clashes erupt, no traveler is safe. For Kobrenski, the result was a two decade musical adventure that would test his resolve and draw him into a quest of cultural understanding.

Pages: 192
Full-color: Yes
Publisher: Artemisia Books
Publish Date: September 1, 2020