Artist, musician, and author Dave Kobrenski offers presentations that weave art, music, and storytelling together into an entertaining and informative cultural experience.

Dave is currently available for booking in late 2021 (pandemic permitting).

Presentations can be tailored for performing arts centers, cultural events, bookstores, libraries and more, and usually include:

  • Multimedia Cultural Presentation
  • Musical Demonstrations
  • Meet the Author / Q & A
  • Book Signing

Read below to learn more about Dave’s presentations, or click here for booking inquiries.

Dave Kobrenski

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Adventures, Art & Music from West Africa

Artist, musican, and author Dave Kobrenski’s presentations combine music, storytelling, visual art, and photography into an entertaining and informative cultural experience.

Based on his extensive travels in West Africa, where he studied traditional music in the Niger River valley in Guinea over a 10 year period, Kobrenski tells lively stories from his adventures, talks about social and cultural issues, and makes an argument for why cultural diversity may be one of the most important human assets we have on the planet.

Woven into his presentation is demonstrations of many of the instruments he learned to play while living in West Africa, including the Fulani flute, kamale ngoni (a 10-string Mande harp), djembe, and more.

At the events, Dave will have copies of his new book Djoliba Crossing available, along with prints of his artwork and handmade Fulani flutes.

Djoliba Crossing books

Djoliba Crossing by Dave Kobrenski

About Dave Kobrenski

Dave Kobrenski is an artist, musician, and author of the book “Djoliba Crossing”. His artistic and creative projects are heavily influenced by a love for travel and adventure, as well as his ongoing studies in anthropology and ethnomusicology.

Between 2001 and 2016, Dave has traveled extensively in West Africa to study traditional music with master musicians such as Famoudou Konaté, Nansady Keita, Sayon Camara and other musicians of the region. He studies the African flute with a master of the Malinké flute tradition in Guinea, Lanciné Condé.

Kobrenski performs throughout the northeastern United States with the Donkilo! Afro Funk Orkestra, as well as with Sayon Camara and Landaya, and various other groups. He plays the Fulani flute, kamale ngoni, a 10-string Mande harp, djembe and guitar. He currently resides in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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