Thursday, August 17

Thursday, August 17

Hermit Woods Winery

Traditional West African music meets contemporary jazz, featuring Jed Wilson on piano, Dave Kobrenski on Fula flute and ngoni, and Tim Gilmore on drums.

Join us for a joyful evening of boundary-crossing music that will both enchant and delight.

Traditional West African music meets contemporary jazz in a captivating display of beauty and virtuosity.

Thursday, August 17 @ 7pm
Hermit Woods Winery Meredith, NH
Kobrenski / Wilson / Gilmore Trio

Jed Wilson (piano), Tim Gilmore (drums), Dave Kobrenski (Fula flute, kamale ngoni, percussion)

Thursday, August 24 @ 7pm

Jed Wilson (piano), Dave Kobrenski (Fula flute, kamale ngoni, percussion)

About the Music

Pianist Jed Wilson joins forces with multi-instrumentalist Dave Kobrenski (Fulani flute, ngoni, percussion) for boundary-crossing musical events that enchant and delight.

Subtle, inventive, and full of joy – those are some of the ways listeners have described the piano music of Jed Wilson. A crowd-favorite, Jed is equally at home in the disparate worlds of jazz, free improvisation, and folk music. His virtuoso playing is matched only by his sharp wit and sense of humor on-stage.

Dave Kobrenski is a multi-instrumentalist who has been leaving audiences speechless for two decades with his expressive playing of the Fulani flute, a unique three-holed woodwind with an earthy, raw sound that has been described as “the voice of Africa itself taking flight on the wind.” He also plays the kamale ngoni (a 12-string, bluesy harp/lute from Mali), the calabash, and the djembé.

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