Mythos by Randy Roos and Dave Kobrenski


Randy Roos & Dave Kobrenski

Acclaimed jazz guitarist Randy Roos and multi-instrumentalist Dave Kobrenski collaborate on Mythos, a collection of songs that cross sonic frontiers and blend genres into a new landscape of sound.

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Mythos - back album cover. By Randy Roos and Dave Kobrenski

Mythos is a creative collaboration between guitarist Randy Roos (Urethane, Club d’Elf, Orchestra Luna) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Kobrenski (Afroflute, Donkilo Afro Funk Orchestra, Landaya Ensemble).

On Mythos, sonic frontiers are crossed and genres mix seamlessly, creating a sound that is both familiar and at times otherworldly. Along with support from drummer Tim Gilmore and bassist Mike Rossi, Roos and Kobrenski create an atmosphere as rich and varied as the ancient legends each song pays tribute to.

With compositions that were born out of an improvisatory process, Mythos features deftly woven guitar lines that soar easily alongside the West African Fula flute, 10-string kamale ngoni, and djembé. The mood here is palpable, each song a tapestry of sound. Mythos invites the listener to ease back, slip the headphones on, and travel to new landscapes of sound.


Randy Roos & Dave Kobrenski

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