Posts by Month: August 2017

La Psychologie positive

Article for French Learning

Dave KobrenskiFrench, Articles Aug 14 2017

In recent years, positive psychology research has produced a better understanding of what truly makes us happy as human beings. Amongst other things, a daily practice of gratitude has been shown to be instrumental in bringing about happiness in our daily lives. Article in French and English for language practice.

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La fonction de l’éducation

Article for French learning

Dave KobrenskiFrench, Articles Aug 7 2017

The below video and transcript comes from a French translation of the book Think on these things, by J. Krishnamurti, originally published in English. As well as being a profound and relevant discourse on the true function of education, I’m finding it to be a very helpful resource in my studies of French. Here, I’ve provided the French translation alongside the original English. Some grammar notes coming soon! Original source with more chapters here.

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Vivons nos rêves

Luciole @ TEDx Cannes

Dave KobrenskiInspiration, French, Articles Aug 5 2017

A wonderful Ted Talk from Cannes in 2016 with French singer-songwriter Luciole that I’ve been using as part of my French studies. With French and English transcript.

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Colocks : Toujours Plus

Learning French with Music

Dave KobrenskiFrench Aug 4 2017

Over the course of my French learning adventure, I’ve found that I progress much faster in assimilating new vocabulary and grammar when I immerse myself in, and surround myself by, content that interests me. That includes reading stuff in French that I’m passionate about anyway, watching interesting Ted Talks and other videos — and of course, listening to music. One of my favorite groups to listen to these days is Colocks — a talented reggae / roots / dub group from France. Not only do I dig the music and message, but I’m gleaning a whole lot of handy vocab in the process :) Below is their song Toujours Plus, with lyrics in French, an English translation, and some vocab notes for some of the words and phrases that were initially unfamiliar to me. Support this great group by buying their music and merch, and enjoy!

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La harpe des jeunes de Wassoulou

Dave KobrenskiFrench, Anthropology Aug 2 2017

The kamalengoni is a type of harpe-luth played originally by the Bambara people of the Wassoulou region of Mali. Here is its fascinating story. (French and English)

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Kassa: the Harvest

Video with English translation

Dave KobrenskiFrench, Anthropology Aug 1 2017

Video: For the Malinké people of Guinea, Kassa is the name of a family of rhythms and dances that accompany the work related to farming and harvest. The rhythms are played on the traditional djembe and dunun drums. Watch this video (with English translation) here.

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