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Je m’envole

Learn French with Music

Dave KobrenskiFrench Aug 5 2018

This summer, I visited Montreal, Canada for the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique. The trip was a great opportunity to practice my French, as well as take in some great music! One of the groups that really made an impression on me was the French-Algerian artist known as “HK” (his name is Kaddour Hadadi). The music was a great blend of reggae, blues, folk and more, with a great message — all in French of course! The festival was a great challenge for my comprehension and speaking skills. I purchased his CD on my way out of the featival, which thankfully came with an insert with all of the lyrics printed in it. So I set about learning all the words and phrases that were unknown to me…here is one of my favorite tunes from the CD, with English translation and notes. I hope this helps someone with their French learning, and introduces folks in the English-speaking world to this great artist! Learn more more about HK and purchase the CD here.

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