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NH Chronicle

Lessons from West Africa

Videos, Articles Sep 27 2022

WMUR’s Karen Meyers sits down with Dave Kobrenski and takes you off the beaten path to explore how an artist and musician is bringing his cultural odyssey home.

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La harpe des jeunes de Wassoulou

French, Anthropology Aug 2 2017

The kamalengoni is a type of harpe-luth played originally by the Bambara people of the Wassoulou region of Mali. Here is its fascinating story. (French and English)

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Drawing on Culture

Rediscovering my Muse in Africa

Artwork Aug 12 2016

In 2001 I first ventured onto the African continent as a wide-eyed white kid from New Hampshire who had, by a series of strange twists of fate, become very much involved in the music and culture of sub-Saharan Africa. Little did I know that this would only be the beginning of a larger adventure…

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