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Kedjula Kanin

A melodic tribute and study guide

Music Feb 18 2022

The song “Kedjula Kanin” appears on Mamady Keïta’s album, Mandeng Djara, and features an exquisite arrangement and performance. Here is my own recording and study guide to the accompanying song, featuring flute, ngoni, and calabash. Includes Malinké lyrics and English translation.

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Behind the Music

Soli de Daouda Condé

Music Feb 7 2022

A breakdown of the creative process behind the rhythm and song Soli de Daouda Condé, which appears on the Afroflute EP. Includes djembé and dunun phrases, balafon, Fula flute, and more.

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Original Song by Afroflute

Music, Inspiration, Africa Jan 26 2022

In the village of Fadama, the ancient traditions of the Malinke People dance among the living and breathe fresh air each day. Here, stories and songs take the place of textbooks for passing down a rich oral history that spans centuries. It is the griots who keep this living history alive, and Fadama’s population is comprised largely of griot families. As such, this unassuming little village has long been renowned as a place of knowledge, and dedicated to the dissemination of oral histories through the collective work of countless generations of griots.

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In the Studio: Afroflute

Recording at Wind & Wood World Music Studio

Videos Oct 22 2021

Today, I’m heading into the recording studio to give you a sneak preview of a track from the upcoming Afroflute album. Check it out!

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