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La Psychologie positive

Article for French Learning

French, Articles Aug 14 2017

In recent years, positive psychology research has produced a better understanding of what truly makes us happy as human beings. Amongst other things, a daily practice of gratitude has been shown to be instrumental in bringing about happiness in our daily lives. Article in French and English for language practice.

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La fonction de l’éducation

Article for French learning

French, Articles Aug 7 2017

The below video and transcript comes from a French translation of the book Think on these things, by J. Krishnamurti, originally published in English. As well as being a profound and relevant discourse on the true function of education, I’m finding it to be a very helpful resource in my studies of French. Here, I’ve provided the French translation alongside the original English. Some grammar notes coming soon! Original source with more chapters here.

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Vivons nos rêves

Luciole @ TEDx Cannes

Inspiration, French, Articles Aug 5 2017

A wonderful Ted Talk from Cannes in 2016 with French singer-songwriter Luciole that I’ve been using as part of my French studies. With French and English transcript.

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Toneholes and Tradition

How a 40,000 year old flute leveled the playing field

Articles, Anthropology Apr 7 2016

Sometime between 40,000 and 45,000 years ago, a group of early humans on a migration route out of Africa, along the corridor of the Danube River valley, carried with them a small but significant object: a flute. Carved from the bone of a griffon vulture, with…

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