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Kora duo

with Madou Sidiki Diabaté

Music, Africa Jul 11

On July 18, 2024, join Dave and friends for an experience of the history and magic of the West African Kora with world-renowned 71st-generation virtuoso Madou Sidiki Diabaté.

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Finding the Source

Chapter One (Excerpt)

Books, Africa Mar 16 2022

An excerpt from the book, Finding the Source. An artist’s twenty-year struggle to overcome a painful affliction takes him ever deeper into West Africa, and into realms of spirit and healing he never imagined possible.

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Original Song by Afroflute

Music, Inspiration, Africa Jan 26 2022

In the village of Fadama, the ancient traditions of the Malinke People dance among the living and breathe fresh air each day. Here, stories and songs take the place of textbooks for passing down a rich oral history that spans centuries. It is the griots who keep this living history alive, and Fadama’s population is comprised largely of griot families. As such, this unassuming little village has long been renowned as a place of knowledge, and dedicated to the dissemination of oral histories through the collective work of countless generations of griots.

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Video: Finding the Source

Videos, Artwork, Anthropology, Africa Jan 15 2022

In this engaging mini-documentary, Dave Kobrenski shares his two-decade musical and artistic journey in West Africa. Under the tutelage of master musicians like Famoudou Konaté and Lanciné Conde, Dave became proficient in the djembé, Fula flute, and kamale ngoni. But the real lessons were far greater than that. Join Dave on his adventure into culture, healing, and the stories that inspired his latest book, “Finding the Source.”

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Conde Family Update

Africa Oct 28 2021

Big thanks to everyone who offered their generous support for the family of my dear friend, Lanciné Conde, who passed away recently. Here is an update on how your donation has already been used, along with some information on the plan moving forward.

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