In this engaging mini-documentary, Dave Kobrenski shares his two-decade musical and artistic journey in West Africa.

Watch the mini-documentary, Finding the Source in West Africa, with Dave Kobrenski

Under the tutelage of master musicians like Famoudou Konaté and Lanciné Conde, Dave became proficient in the djembé, Fula flute, and kamale ngoni. But the real lessons were far greater than that. Join Dave on his adventure into culture, healing, and the stories that inspired his latest book, “Finding the Source.”

I’m so happy to have worked with videographer Meg Simone on this film, under the expert direction of Drive Brand Studio in North Conway, NH.

Finding the Source

One Man’s Quest for Healing in West Africa

An artist’s twenty-year struggle to overcome a painful affliction takes him ever deeper into West Africa, and into realms of spirit and healing he never imagined possible.

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