Last updated: September 20, 2021 from Intervale, NH

New Book

My new book-in-progress, tentatively titled Finding the Source: An African Healing Quest, is finished and in the post-editing stage. This means it’s in the hands of test readers and getting cleaned up for publishing.

Do you love books and want to be a early reader? I’m looking for a few readers to provide feedback. Contact me here and let me know.

Finding the Source - proposed book cover

Recently Released

Drawing on Culture

I’ve recently published two books: the most recent is called Drawing on Culture: An Artist’s West Africa Travelogue. It contains field drawings, stories, and essays all related to life in Guinea and the importance of cultural diversity in today’s world.

Click here for more information or to purchase.

Drawing on Culture book cover

Djoliba Crossing: Second Edition

I’ve also released a revised 2nd edition of my first book, Djoliba Crossing. The second edition contains new information and is available in paperbook and e-book, and is available here.

For a limited time, you can download the e-book version for free here.

Djoliba Crossing book cover

Afroflute: New EP

The new Afroflute EP is finished and ready for download! “Fula flute, balafon, djembé, and ngoni come together in this joyful musical romp through the highlands of West Africa.”

It’s available as a free download here, as well as on all the major streaming services.

Afroflute - Fuuta Jaloo EP