What I’m Doing Now | Dave Kobrenski

Last updated: May 22, 2024 from Intervale, NH

Here’s what I’m focused on these days.

For bio and project info, see my about page.

Famoudou Konaté’s book

For the past nine months (since August, 2023) I’ve been working with master djembéfola Famoudou Konaté and Thomas Ott on translating and editing Famoudou’s memoir, which is currently available in German and French editions.

For updates on when the English version will be available, sign up on the email list.

Thirty new flutes

This September, I’ll be teaching Fula flute classes at the 24th Annual Wula Drum and Dance Retreat and I’ll need lots of flutes. So I’m in the workshop almost daily making progress on about thirty new flutes.

For more information (or to get your own flute), visit Kassa Flute Co.

New book: The Mande Flute

For the past year, I’ve been transcribing and recording all the songs I learned from Lanciné Conde in West Africa during my 15-year apprenticeship. I’m compiling them into a book (with CD) along with historical information and music notation.

This has been tons of work, but one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on in a long time. I anticipate that completing the book will take me many more months. Shooting for 2025 release.

Teaching West African drumming

After many years, I’m finally back to teaching West African drumming classes. I love sharing what I’ve learned during my years living and traveling in West Africa. See here for more information.

Working with RLMG

I’m also working with the Richard Lewis Media Group (RLMG) creating museum experiences. I’m writing code and creating applications, and working with a great team.