On September 5, 2021, my dear friend, flute teacher, and mentor Lanciné Conde passed away unexpectedly in Conakry, Guinea. His untimely passing at the age of 52 left his family grieving and in desperate need of financial support.

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Conakry is one of the poorest cities in the world, and the rising cost of living is creating a hardship for many, including Lanciné’s family.

Lanciné was the main provider for his extended family of about 20 people. The family’s landlord knew they would struggle to pay the rent without Lanciné. One week after his passing, the landlord served the family an eviction notice.

The Conde family now needs support quickly to help find and pay for a place to live. Because of the poverty and uncertainty in Conakry, most landlords require one year’s rent in advance.

For Lanciné’s large family, housing costs approximately $300 per month. In order to secure a place to live, the family needs to raise 12 months of rent in advance. We’re trying to raise around $4,000, which should be enough for the family to pay for the first year with a little bit left over for living expenses.

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

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Neighborhood where Lanciné’s family lives in Conakry