Globally inspired sounds for your recording project.

Bring West Africa to your music productions, from anywhere in the world.

Dave Kobrenski is a versatile session musician and experienced recording artist specializing in the music of West Africa. Available to enliven your recording project with Fula flute, djembé, ngoni, balafon, and more.

Rates & Info

Professional. Versatile. Easy to work with.

With more than a decade of experience in Logic Pro, and a selection of beautiful microphones and plugins to go with it, Dave Kobrenski’s session work will add the authentic sound of West Africa to your track or score.

After two decades of traveling to West Africa to continue his apprenticeships with master musicians, Dave brings a high level of musicianship and knowledge to an array of ethnic instruments that few recording artists can offer.

Dave can work with you to add just the right sound to your track or score, and deliver clean audio files that are ready to drop right into your DAW.

Recording Examples

Breaking Through: Cinematic/theatrical score. Composed and performed by Dave on Fula flute, kamale ngoni, and dunun (bass) drums with orchestral components.

Lumière: Classical with an African twist. Ngoni, Fula flute, cello, and orchestral components. Composed and arranged by Dave Kobrenski.

Niandan: original Afrobeat composition. Instruments: kamale ngoni, Fula flute, djembé, bass guitar, and various small percussion.

Fuuta Jaloo: original composition. Instruments: Fula flute, kamale ngoni, balafon, calabash, and various small percussion.

Studio Setup

Wind & Wood Studio uses Logic Pro X and a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface. For proper monitoring when mixing, the studio has a pair of Yamaha HS7 studio monitors and an HS8 subwoofer. The studio has an array of microphones, including:

  • Slate VMS ML-1 (large diaphragm condenser) along with the Blackbird Studio and Classic Tubes mics
  • Slate VMS ML-2 (small diaphragm condenser)
  • RØDE NT1 (large diaphragm condenser)
  • RØDE M5 (matched pair compact cardioid condenser microphones)
  • AKG P420 (multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser)
  • Lewitt LCT 441 FLEX (condenser with eight polar patterns)
  • EV ND68 (dynamic supercardioid low-frequency instrument microphone)


Below are a few of the instruments Dave can record for your project.

Let’s chat about your project

To get started on your project, the first step is to drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to. From there, we can schedule a phone or zoom consultation to find out how I can help.


For smaller projects, I charge $100/hour with a 2-hour minimum. For larger or ongoing projects, we can discuss a rate that fits your budget.

I look forward to meeting you!

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