Below is a collection of paintings from over the years, many inspired by my travels in West Africa.

The paintings shown below are, for me, like mile markers on my journey as a life-long student of art. They represent a snapshot of where I was at the time as an artist. Looking back at the series as a whole, I can see the learning that was taking place. I hope to build upon that learning as I continue to strive to improve my abilities over the years to come.

Watercolor Paintings, 2001–2012

Les Batteurs I - painting by Dave Kobrenski
Les Batteurs I

2011. 20x27” watercolor on Arches cold press paper. Illustration for the book Djoliba Crossing: Journeys into West African Music and Culture. “Les Batteurs” (the drummers) depicts musicians from the Kouroussa region of Guinea, West Africa, in a village near the Niger River.

Nungua Fishing Village - painting by Dave Kobrenski
Nungua Fishing Village

2002. 18x24” watercolor on Arches cold press paper. Nungua is a village located on the coast of Ghana, not far from the capital city Accra. I visited there in 2001 to study music. Each morning, I would walk past the place where the fishermen would set out with their large wooden boats into the often rough sea, and haul in their catch in wide nets.

Early Work (1990-98)

Below is a small selection of work from when I was much younger and studying art at Syracuse University. I like to include these here because they are, of course, an important part of my learning and progression as a young artist. As of this writing, I have not painted in oils since the late 1990’s, although they were a favorite medium to work with for many years. I had just begun to experiment with watercolors at the time.

927 Ackerman Ave - painting by Dave Kobrenski
927 Ackerman Ave

1996. 30x40” Oil on canvas by Dave Kobrenski.

Cheap Smokes Down at the Res - painting by Dave Kobrenski
Cheap Smokes Down at the Res

1995. 14x17 watercolor by Dave Kobrenski.