BBM Designs

BBM Designs is a small creative design studio founded by artist, designer, and programmer, Dave Kobrenski. We specialize in designing and coding custom web applications, with a focus on creating interfaces that people love to use.

Doppio CMS: Fueling Unique Ideas

Doppio CMS is the flagship CMS framework from BBM Designs. Light, modular, and extensible, the Doppio CMS framework enables us to provide powerful and intuitive content management solutions for clients with unique needs.

With Doppio, we aimed to overcome a problem that many of our clients face: existing CMS solutions on the market prove to be either not flexible enough to meet their custom needs or are too bloated with “one size fits all” approaches to functionality. That’s where we come in. Doppio allows us to quickly and easy code and deploy custom applications that fuel unique ideas.

One of the core principles behind the development of the Doppio system was that it needed to facilitate the exchange and management of data without placing restrictions on where the data should reside. It doesn’t lock you into a closed, proprietary system — ever. It’s easy to get data in and just as easy to get it out. Doppio attempts to be a selfless conductor overseeing the secure flow of data between systems and applications without imposing it’s own structure or bias.

Who uses Doppio? Museums, galleries, government institutions, national parks, private schools, science centers, and more, all around the world.

Recent Work & Collaborations

Below are a few of the projects that Dave and BBM Designs have contriuted to in recent years. Contributions include: database design, custom CMS creation, PHP programming, HTML/CSS, Javascript, design.