Original artwork.
“Spring: Venus and Eustoma” - 18 x 24 in. (46 x 61 cm), Watercolor and pencils.

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Spring: Venus and Eustoma

18x24 watercolor and pencils.

Spirit Bodies, Earthly Journeys. We are spirits living in animal bodies, which are of the earth. But we come from the spirit world of our ancestors too. This is the first in a series of artworks that celebrate and explore our earthly journeys as spiritual beings living in animal bodies.

Spring: Venus and Eustoma” depicts a beautiful young Venus surrounded by the Eustoma Lisianthus flower. Together they exemplify youth, love, sensuality, and new growth. The young dreamer experiences a deeper state of love and bliss as her awareness awakens and blossoms, like the flowers in Spring, to her connection to the living Earth. She reminds us that we cannot experience self-love, and thus be whole, without first loving and respecting the Earth from which we come. This awakening and growth is the first “Season” of our earthly journey.