Original artwork.
“Dreams of Lions” - 18 x 24 in. (46 x 61 cm), Watercolor and pencil on Arches Cold Press watercolor paper

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Dreams of Lions

Mixed media, 18x24.

Promotional poster artwork and design for the book “Djoliba Crossing”.


Discover the music and culture of West Africa in this engaging and beautifully illustrated account of an artist’s journey up the Niger River to explore the djembe and dunun music of the Malinké people in Guinea.

Djoliba Crossing is 182 pages of stories, historical and cultural information, rhythm transcriptions, maps, and more — with over 70 full color illustrations.

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★★★★★ “Djoliba Crossing is an excellent and beautifully-crafted introduction to the world of Malinké music and dance.” — Indie Reader

Discover the music and culture of West Africa in this beautifully illustrated account of an artist’s adventures in the Niger River valley.

When artist and musician Dave Kobrenski first set out for Guinea, West Africa, it was simply to learn the djembé music of the Malinké people. What he found instead was a land of ancient traditions where spirits mingle with the living and the souls of ancestors reside in sacred groves of trees. He soon learns that intense poverty and rampant political corruption are a mixture with explosive potential in Conakry’s inner-city. When bloody clashes erupt, no traveler is safe. For Kobrenski, the result was a two decade musical adventure that would test his resolve and draw him into a quest of cultural understanding.

Djoliba Crossing is both an adventure memoir and a guidebook for the music traditions of West Africa. Descriptions of ancient music and festivals are enriched by original artwork, historical research, and rhythm notations for the djembé, dununba, sangban, and kenkeni drums. Together, they offer a glimpse into a world hidden off the beaten path, and chronicle an artist’s journey deep into realms of the unexpected.

Djoliba Crossing book cover

Available August 2020.

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