Dave Kobrenski accepts portrait drawing and painting commissions of individuals and groups in a variety of sizes and styles. Drawings are pencil and charcoal; paintings are done in watercolor, gauche, or oil. Other subject matter other than portraits are possible too (landscapes, buildings, pets etc) — just ask!

To commission a custom artwork, first look over some of the information below. The process will begin with a consultation (phone or in person when possible). Discussion about subject matter, reference materials, timeframe, and cost will be of importance. Whenever possible, I prefer to work from my own photographs of the subject matter at hand, as this ensures that lighting, composition, color etc will be suitable for producing a high quality artwork (I’m open to viewing existing high-quality reference that you may have).

Once we have agreed upon subject matter, reference materials, and timeframe, I request an initial, non-refundable deposit to begin work (normally 50% of the agreed total). The remaining balance will be due upon successful completion and delivery of the work. Custom payment plans are possible if agreed upon before starting the work.

Please contact me here to discuss a commissioned artwork. Thanks!

Portrait Drawings

A portrait drawing in pencil or charcoal is a timeless way to preserve an image of a loved one (or even yourself!). Pencil drawings in my signature style are high-quality, expressive and unique. In each portrait, I attempt to portray something beyond the surface: in the expression, mood, and composition I strive to depict something of that person’s unique spirit and personality.

Pricing and Sizes

Portrait art is available in three sizes, and price depends on subject matter (number of subjects in piece) and complexity of the piece.

  • 11x14″ - starts at $385
  • 14x17″ - starts at $595
  • 19x24″ - starts at $895

Travel, time, and related expenses may be an additional cost in the event that I work with you to achieve the best possible reference materials. (Alternatively, working with a professional photographer in your area is a good option for producing high-quality photo reference that will ensure a great artwork.)

Watercolor, Goauche, and Oil Paintings

Paintings in any of the above three mediums require a custom quote, as size, materials, and subject can vary greatly. Just contact me if you have questions!

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